Permission for Use

Requests for Permission to use Artwork
If you would like permission to use any of the artwork by either Tom Golden or Ryan Leroy  you must submit in writing a one page Permission Form to Comfort Prints Ministries, Inc. This is a simple, one-page form and can be obtained by calling us at: 800-964-1116 or requesting a permission form by email:  [email protected]  

You may also use the Contact page on this site to inquire about permission.
Comfort Prints Ministries, Inc. does not own the copyrights to the art on our site.  After you fill out and return the permission form to us;  we then submit your request to the artist. You will receive a timely response for your request. 

If you have already purchased one of Tom Golden,  Ryan Leroy or Anne Edwards prints, please note that you have certain rights of ownership that do not require permission for use. Copyright law states that as owner of a print you have the right to:

1) Display the print on your wall
2) Make one overhead transparency to show others
3) Pass a single print around a classroom to show others.

Please ask permission to make a photocopy of any type, scan or enlarge a print etc.

Thank you in advance for respecting and upholding copyright law.